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Curiosities of the Greyhound or Italian Greyhound

March 24, 2022 - Reading time: 6 minutes

The Italian Greyhound is a great companion dog that brings us the typical characteristics of greyhounds but in a very small size. If you are thinking of getting one, discover below the curiosities of the breed.

Meet the Italian Greyhound

Unfortunately, the Italian Greyhound, even though it is a dog of excellent qualities and holds the title of the smallest greyhound in the world, is not very widespread outside of Italy, its country of origin, where it is not abundant either. This fact can hinder the chances of getting a copy.

On the other hand, for lovers of ancient breeds, it is worth knowing that the beginnings of the Italian Greyhound go back even to 6000 years ago. This data is based on findings of artistic representations that, in Egypt, showed a dog considered sacred and antecedent of the current Italian Greyhound.

Italian Greyhound Temperament

In general, Greyhound dogs have a reputation for being timid and skittish. These characteristics are also present in the Italian Greyhound, which is why it is recommended to offer it good socialization to get it used to different environments and people. But, in addition, this little Galgo tends to get stressed in environments where there is movement.

Although they are quite active and like to run, curiously, at home, they will prefer tranquility. It should be provided to avoid causing stress, which would end up triggering behavioral problems.

Italian Greyhound Care

First of all, if we have the opportunity to meet or live with a specimen of this breed, we will be struck by its extreme sensitivity. With this term, we do not refer to its low tolerance to cold, but its character. They are very sensitive dogs, which means that we must be very careful when handling them.

Thus, we cannot educate them in any way or use shouting, punishment, or much less violence. We must try to be as sensitive as they are, treat them delicately, and always from positive education based on reinforcing with rewards the behaviors that we want to be repeated.

Otherwise, we will be spoiling the bond of trust that must always be established between the dog and its caregiver. In other words, he will be afraid of us. In this aspect, interactions with children must be controlled, since, in some cases, they can be too abrupt for the sensitivity of the Italian Greyhound.

Italian Greyhound

The typical ears of the Italian Greyhound

The breed standard marks very characteristic ears that receive curious names. They are inserted very high, are relatively small, and are made up of fine cartilage. The curious thing is that they are arranged folded on themselves and backward.

Also, when the dog shows attention, the ears are raised from the base, while the lobe is arranged laterally and horizontally. This position they adopt leads to their being called "flying ears" or "propeller ears".

The Greyhound that runs the most

We must be very careful if we intend to let our Italian Greyhound loose. He must be perfectly educated before we dare to take the step of removing the leash. We say it because it is really fast. Not as fast as the larger Greyhounds, but he does have the tremendous speed for such a small dog.

Hence the importance of avoiding escapes, since it could start running and it would be impossible for us to catch it if we tried to chase it. That is why we must never forget that, although very small in size, it is quite a Greyhound that has been used in races.

The intelligence of the Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound occupies the 60th position in the list prepared by psychologist Stanley Coren in the 1990s. It must be said that his classification comprises 79 positions, ordered from higher to lower intelligence. In other words, the Italian Greyhound would not stand out as particularly intelligent, but you have to know how to interpret Coren's work.

This is based on qualifying intelligence, let's say, functional, according to parameters of obedience. Assess how many times the dog needs to repeat an order to execute it. The Italian Greyhound would require quite a few repetitions to do what is asked of it. We could say that it is a somewhat distracted dog that will demand more work from us.

That is why it would be more advisable that we have some previous experience in handling dogs and knowledge of canine psychology before deciding to share life with an Italian Greyhound. It must be remembered that their education, in addition to persevering, must be delicate so as not to damage their sensitivity.

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound video

Italian Greyhound Price

Getting a purebred Italian Greyhound is not exactly cheap, perhaps because they are not too widespread either outside or inside their country of origin. Puppies can reach well over $ 1000. If we opt for an adult specimen, we can find it for less money.

It is indeed possible to buy a cheap Italian Greyhound, but normally these dogs come from individuals or unprofessional breeders. The recommendation, if we are determined to buy, is to always go to serious breeders to guarantee the health of the dogs and avoid their exploitation by unscrupulous people.

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