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The Best Toys for German Shepherd to Chew

February 20, 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

No dog toy is indestructible, especially when locked in the jaws of a German Shepherd, but some have very good resistance. Shepherds are notorious chewers and an animal that destroys toys as you have never seen, however

You can find toys as tough as a stuffed crocodile to thwart your pet's destructive plans.

Rubber toys for dogs

Chunky rubber toys can withstand the powerful jaws of a German Shepherd, even one whose sole aim is to break the toy into tiny pieces, but plain old rubber is only going to entertain your dog for a couple of days. You should choose toys that squeak, roll easily, or dispense treats. Some Shepherds enjoy a ribbed texture on rubber toys that feel good on their gums. Thin rubber rings or bones are not generally suitable for this breed as they break too easily.

Stuffed animals for dogs

Soft, luxurious toys are not usually suitable for German Shepherds, those that only have one or two layers of material will probably not last more than a few days, but stuffed toys that have been sewn several times with various types of materials can last almost a lifetime. They are tough enough to withstand direct gnawing, even from an adult Shepherd. If your shepherd isn't used to biting the throat of toys, lower-quality stuffed animals and even those designed for children can last him several months.

Toys for German Shepherd to Chew

Bones for dogs as toys

Although your dog will surely disagree, small leather bones should be out of his reach, even compressed rawhide ones, as they break too easily when bitten by German Shepherds. Strong, long, and durable bones like a femur can give your pet years of action without the danger of him breaking off small pieces that he can swallow. To keep your pup busy for a few hours, give him femur bones where you can slip some peanut butter or another type of food.

Strings for dogs as Toys

There are varieties of ropes, a single rope with both ends knotted, two ropes joined together by a bone, etc. Those that are knotted at the ends and in the middle are better and less likely to break. If you want to join in on the action, pick up a race-ready rope and be ready to pull on the other end.

Unstuffed Toys foid Dogs

Some German Shepherds have a delusion for gutting all the toys they have. That means a lot of stuffing will end up on the floor in your house and sometimes in your pet's stomach. Toys that are flat in appearance and contain no padding limit your dog's desire to break them because they don't contain any treasure inside. Lack of padding bores some dogs, but choosing toys that contain whistles solves that problem. Whistles are generally well attached and difficult to remove.

Appropriate size and supervision

Putting a 3-inch toy in front of a German Shepherd puppy is fine, but a larger Shepherd can easily choke on a toy that size. Toys 6 inches or larger and round objects like tennis balls are generally safe for adult Shepherds, but you should always supervise your pet when he's spending time with his toy of choice. If you notice that the toy can enter too much in his mouth, you should remove it. Some Shepherds enjoy tilting their heads back and chewing on toys with their back teeth in this position; if your dog does this, discourage him by saying "NO" or naming him in a threatening way. If you notice that a toy is breaking or a bone has split, you should remove it immediately.

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