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The Whippet

March 24, 2022 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Very good-natured, the Whippet is a happy dog ​​whether he is going on a fast run or curled up for hours in front of a good fire. Its small size and friendly temperament make it suitable for family life.


  • Weight: 12.5-13.5kg.
  • Height: 44-51 cm, males can be a few centimeters taller.
  • Life expectancy: 13-14 years.
  • Ideal for: families.

History and origin of the Whippet

The Whippet comes from the UK. Its origin dates back to the 19th century. It was a race dedicated to hunting and racing, taking advantage of its outstanding speed. These dogs, thanks to their good eyesight, detected the prey, chased it, caught it, and killed it.

Rabbit racing was a very popular sporting activity at the time, especially in the north of the UK. Terrier-type dogs used to appear in the competition. To improve their acceleration they began to crossbreed with small-sized greyhounds.

The result was the current Whippet, which was the dog of the most popular classes. Today he continues to participate in these activities, but we also find him in many homes as a companion dog.

Whippet Dog Characteristics

They are strong and balanced dogs of small size and elegant and stylized shapes. Their design makes them especially suitable for racing. In short distances, they reach 65 km/hour. The head, flattened at the top, is elongated and thin, tapering towards the nose. The stop is light. The jaw is strong, with a scissor bite.

The eyes are oval, bright, and brown. The look is lively, calm, and shy. The ears are small and rose-shaped. They are mobile and thin. The neck is long, muscular, and arched. The loin is wide, firm, and strong. The chest is very deep and has ample room for the heart. The ribs are arched and the abdomen retracted.

The legs, straight and strong, are well muscled. The feet are oval, with thick pads and strong nails. The tail is long and sharp. Reminds of a whip. Watch out for the swipe of his tail! In a relaxed state, he carries it between his legs, moving upwards. The coat is short, fine, and tight. All colors and combinations are accepted.


Whippet Temperament and character

It is an ideal dog that adapts perfectly to family life, but it has two personalities: at home, it will enjoy lying down and resting on the sofa or in bed and spending time with its handlers. But, on the outside, his delicate appearance gives way to a true hunting dog, strong, brave, and, above all, successful.

Therefore, they are calm, while being active and playful. In other words, to be calm at home they need to burn off their energy first. They are kind, balanced, and affectionate dogs with their family. They bark only when there is a reason. With strangers, it is normal for them to be shy. They are very good at living with children.

They usually get along with their peers and are not aggressive at all. It is important to provide them with socialization and education to avoid problems since they maintain the instinct to chase small animals. Fortunately, they are also considered obedient and trainable dogs with time and patience. Of course, never resort to violence.

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Care and hygiene of the Whippet

They can live in an apartment as long as they have the opportunity to exercise, as they are active dogs. About three walks a day and at least one long walk of approximately one hour are essential. In addition, excursions to the mountains, the beach, etc. are recommended. They also need a safe space where they can run loose regularly.

We must monitor the temperature since they do not tolerate cold well. Their coat is short, their skin thin and they hardly have any protective fat. Therefore they cannot live abroad. At home, you will see them curled up in the warmest place. You have to provide them with a comfortable and soft bed. They do not usually like to lie on hard ground.

To go outside they may need clothing against the cold and rain. On the other hand, his coat hardly requires care. You can give him a mitten from time to time. They give off very little odor. But, on the other hand, you have to watch and protect your skin. Being so thin it is prone to damage. Do not use brushes that can hurt it.


Whippet Health

It is a healthy breed, in general, although a certain propensity to suffer eye, hormonal and blood disorders are reported. As a point of attention, we can talk about your skin. Being so fine, it must be protected.

The veterinarian is the one who can best advise us on the necessary products. The Whippet must be kept safe from both the sun and the cold. As for the psychological aspect, it is a sensitive dog that develops a great attachment to his family.

For this reason, they do not tolerate being separated from their caregivers or spending too much time alone. Loneliness and, also, lack of physical activity can end up causing behavioral problems. These are resolved by experts in canine behavior or ethologists.

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