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The varied food for a dog is the best way to feed it

February 12, 2020 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Veterinarians and companion animal nutritionists consider pet diets to be the foundation of good health: a healthy, balanced diet is the necessary prerequisite for a healthy and happy pet.

In recent years, rotating protein diets like the ones you can find in the Piensos Popas online store, which consist of regularly varying the protein base of the dog's food and exposing them to new proteins, have gained in popularity among pet owners.

Varied food for a dog

This approach represents a significant change from the dominant feeding approaches until now, which have focused on the idea that dogs need total consistency in their diets, that is, they are fed one type of protein, one formula of food, twice a day, every day for his entire life.

Since then, this idea has been challenged by many pet health professionals, who believe that such a feeding program leads to gaps in nutrition and the development of allergies.

So what can adding variations do?

By varying the types of protein and food you feed your dog, you prevent him from getting bored of the same old food, day after day. This allows you to get to know your dog's tastes and is especially good for picky dogs.

Improves overall nutrition

No food source contains everything your pet needs in his diet. Each protein has a different amino acid composition, and different foods offer different vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, and enzymes that are unique to their particular build.

Therefore, each type of food has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best way to ensure a complete and balanced diet is to offer a variety of foods and food sources that help create a dynamic and complete diet.

Varied food for a dog

Varied food for a dog: Avoid intolerances

When dogs are fed the same food over a long period, with little variation, they can often develop intolerances to certain ingredients.

This manifests as allergies, sensitivities, and sometimes the pet simply refusing to eat. If new proteins are added and the variation of the diet is increased, the probability of developing intolerances decreases considerably.

How is this dietary variation achieved?

Most dogs, unless they suffer from severe allergies or gastrointestinal problems, benefit greatly from a varied diet.

The first step is to choose a food that is complete and balanced and offers a variety of proteins that you can rotate through. Some dogs are more sensitive to changes than others and require slower transitions to new proteins, while others can adapt quickly and easily to changes.

A fun way to ensure a smooth and easy transition is to use the new food as "treats for a week," and then begin the process of mixing the new food with the old. This approach will help your dog's stomach adjust to the change and make him think that he is getting special treats in his regular meal.

A second way to add variety to your dog's diet is to incorporate unique and novel foods in the form of treats into his daily activities.

Just like us, everything we feed our dogs has an impact. From their main diet to the table scraps they inevitably receive in response to those sad, unhappy looks from under the kitchen table.

Treats are often thought of as a fun little cookie handed out for good behavior, when in fact they can be so much more.

Using new types of protein, like crickets and wakame, and adding superfoods, like turmeric, blueberries, and lingonberries, provide an easy way to add healthy depth and diversity to your dog's diet.

Remember that your dog's varied diet is very important to take care of its health and longevity because we all want to have it with us as long as possible.

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